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Collective Impact

This year's summit will focus on familiarizing attendees with effectively utilizing the collective impact framework for maximum community level impact and change. The objective is to evolve from "ideas" to action through a collective approach that leverages existing resources and assets. In order to create lasting, large-scale solutions, organizations need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal.

Collective impact shifts work done in the traditional silo that creates "isolated impact" because the underlying premise of collective impact is that no single organization can create large-scale, lasting community level change alone. Strong organizations are necessary but not sufficient for large-scale community social change.

The Five Conditions of Collective Impact

  1. A Common Agenda - Agreement on a proposed set of strategies
  2. Shared Measurement Systems - A common set of indicators for monitoring progress and impact
  3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities - The distinct activities undertaken by various collective impact partners reinforce the activities of other partners and together, lead to system-wide change
  4. Continuous Communication - Collective impact partners communicate frequently in the spirit of continuous improvement and learning
  5. Backbone Structure - This is the structure which supports alignment and coordination across the collective impact partners

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